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5/27/2016 I would like to let anyone know who comes to this service center how I was treated today. I purchased a 2008 BMW 328i from a local dealer.

While I had the car at my mechanic for a front end rattle they hooked it up to the computer and a 2A87 code came up. I have a drivetrain warranty with the dealer who sold me the car. They referred my their shop - All Tune & Lube, Dover to make an appointment have it looked at. The owner - Mello himself ran the car through 17 systems and told me that the code was not in there.

Turns out after he got very loud in the showroom in front of other customers that the code WAS indeed in his scanner. Remedy - bring the car back when I have time to pull it apart. Fine. Second - prior to purchasing the car I brought it to my mechanic for a check.

It was discovered that the car had an il pan gasket leak. The dealer had All Tune & Lube fix the leak. Fine. After driving the car a bit the front end began to rattle, thinking front end, I bring it to my mechanic who drives it, hears it puts it on the lift, *** the under panel and out falls a piece of the stabilizer bar and shows me how the stabilizer bar is moving freely in the front end.

This sub frame needs to be removed to replace the gasket in the oil pan. Obviously All Tune & Lube failed to put the car back together properly resulting in the rattle. Also a bold on the pan was not screwed in. I brought this to Mello's attention today and he threw me out of his service center in front of other customers.

I would think twice about using this service center in the future. The customer service is POOR and that's from the owner. He yells at his customers, I have witnesses and will be contacting them for statements when I call the franchise HQ on Tuesday. No one should talk to another human being like Mello spoke to me today.

Ever. You should be ashamed and embarrassed at your behavior. My cars will never go there, the mechanic do a half-baked job it they can't tighten a bold and put stabilizer bars back on. Of course the 2A87 code according to Mello could be the wrong oil or oil filter.

Can you guess who did the oil change on the car before I bought it? And changed the oil pan gasket.

You guessed it - All Tune & Lube. Your name is written all over the problem with this car and you won't admit to it.

Product or Service Mentioned: All Tune And Lube Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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